Welcome to my creative space. 

Enka Studio is the embodiment of the creative journey that I embarked upon 4 years ago when I finally gave into my yearning to quench my thirst for creativity. Even from my youngest days when you would find me in the school art room with friends most lunch hours, I knew I had an inner desire to pursue my creative passion. But in ‘my day’ creative pursuits were not encouraged as career options, so instead I studied law after school. Enka Studio is my journey with colour, shape and design.

From day one I knew that law was the wrong path for me. I am a person who just ‘keeps on keeping on’, and I kept on keeping on for the next 20 years working as a lawyer, my heart and soul slowly dying.

Like many people I developed a health condition, which left me debilitated for a while. It forced me however, to listen to my inner voice, my soul. This was the ’wake-up call’ that I needed to examine my life and reconnect with my passion.

After my recovery, my burning desire to reconnect with my creativity drove me to make a necklace for myself and my wonderful friend Kirsten. From here, my jewellery label was born.

For a couple of years I managed both legal work and my business, soon realising that I gained greater joy and fulfilment from designing and making than working in law. After much soul searching, I took the leap of leaving law behind to pursue my creative business full time.

Every day now, my heart sings and I feel alive. My business is my creative journey. The name ‘Enka Studio’ was created as a bold, edgy name that’s just a little bit scandi and a little bit tribal. Enka is also my name (Karen) scrambled without the ‘R’, embodying a close connection to self. Through my business, I hope to express myself authentically and make connections with other like-minded souls while living creatively and slowly.

In addition to my growing range of retail products I also regularly exhibit my work in galleries and pop up events. I have many collaborative projects and workshops planned for this year and I am super excited for my business to evolve and grow as the year progresses.

Most pieces are limited edition and small batch, so that each piece is exclusive and carries with it my very heart and soul.

I have always loved mid-century design and my family has travelled often to Africa, my husband’s homeland. These are my inspirations. Each collection unveils a vision for colour and texture that strongly imbues the unique light and casual energy of Brisbane, fused with the aesthetics of luxe tribal and mid-century style.

I invite you to have a wander about my website, enjoy!

Karen Carr
Designer / Maker