Jewellery Collections - Designed and made by Karen Carr, Enka Studio, Brisbane

Kindred Collection

Karen's family has travelled often to her husband's homeland Africa, the exotic styles worn by the peoples of Africa being the inspiration for her Kindred Collection. 'Kindred' means a group of persons in a tribe or clan, having the same belief, attitude or feeling. The evolving collection is underlined with effortless confidence featuring statement neckpieces, earrings, hand thread wrapped rope jewellery and exquisite tribal pieces.

Miss Luxe Collection

Incorporating raw brass elements fused with crystals and gemstones, for lovers of both minimalism and decadence alike, striking a perfect balance of simplicity and luxury.

Collections Designed and Made by Other Independent Women Artisans

Euro Linen Collection

Honestly simple garments created for those who appreciate natural things and adore simple forms, relaxed looks and long lasting garments.

A family in Lithuania make this evolving collection of linen garments by hand in their slow studio.  Dedicated to inspiring customers to find satisfaction in slow buying and slow living.  

Simple cuts which suit all ages, shapes and sizes. Linen woven in the Baltic from local flax is healthy and a non-waste product of nature.  

The beauty of linen is that it is not perfect.  Linen should be used, and gets better with age.  The linen has been double washed to give it a soft hand feel, so that no ironing is required.